Knowledge of Raw Materials
1. What is rice husk ?
Rice husk is the outer layer of rice grain, consists of pericarp, aleurone layer, sub-aleurone layer and germs. The rice husk is rich in cellulose, lignin and silica. The content of fat and protein is lower, and the chemical composition of rice husk varies from the differences of rice variety, region and climate.
2. What are the components of rice husk product?
About 40% of coarses fibre (including rice bran fibre and lignin fibre) and about 20% of polycondensation pentose are contained in the rice husk. In addition, there are also about 20% of ash component and a small amount of coarse protein, coarse fat and other organic compounds.
The Rice Bran Fibre: It is capable of absorbing carcinogenic and harmful substances and is difficult to fall off from the rice bran fibre after absorption. It is discharged in the form of stool and is the guardian of human intestinal health. Cellulose is named the seventh greatest nutrient. It plays an indispensable role in the treatment of diabetes and obesity and can be used for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, etc.

Rice Bran Oil: Rice bran oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil. It can clear cholesterol in the blood, reduce blood lipid, promote growth and development of human body, and is listed as a natural whitening product. 

Lignin: It is one of the components of the plant cell wall. It has the effect of connecting cells. Lignin is a negatively charged group containing plurality of polycyclic organic polymer. It has a strong affinity for the high-valence metal ions in the soil. 

Poly-condensation Pentose: The general term of high polymer composed of pentose in the hemi-cellulose, primarily hemi-cellulose, which can be converted to xylitol under the effect of high temperature. 

Ash Component: It is an inorganic substance. It can be the residue after calcinations and can also be the residue after drying. It is the solid part of a substance  rather than the gas or the liquid part. At high temperature, a series of physical and chemical changes will occur, and the final organic components are volatilized and the inorganic components (mainly inorganic salts and oxides) remain, and these residues are referred to as ash component. Ash component is divided into oxides of various mineral elements. The main elements include Ca, Mg, K, Na, Si, P, S, Fe, Al, I, etc, and the total is not less than 60 types. The plant ash component analysis is carried out to know which inorganic nutrient elements are contained in the plant. 

Coarse Protein, Coarse Fat: A measure of protein and fat content in food and feed. 

Light Calcium Carbonate: An inorganic compound widely used in the production of organic synthesis.
3. Where is the source of organic rice husk for OGT product?
The raw materials of OGT product come from Jixi and Wu Chang Organic Farm of Heilongjiang, Jilin Province. The rice in the rice husk has passed the organic product certification.

4. Why is rice husk product said to contain nutrient elements?
Each product of OGT is carefully screened, adhered to the use of healthy rice husk of north east organic rice. China's north east organic planting base has black and fertile soil that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, abundant sunshine, four distinct seasons, great temperature difference between day and night, 180 days growth cycle for one season a year and has long maturity period which is more conducive to the nutrient reserve in the rice and rice husk. At the same time, in order to comply with the consistent 'low processing' principle, the raw material adopts 100% pure natural extraction technology, adheres to maintain the original coarse cellulose and rice bran oil in the rice husk, to enhance the proportion of natural nutrients, and to enrich the nutrient elements in the rice husk itself.
Product Features

1. What are the features of rice husk product?
  • The product is subject to domestic and international inspection authority to detect chemical substances that are harmful to human body, such as plasticizer, bisphenol A, heavy metal, fluorescent agent, dyeing agent, etc.
  • The product has antibacterial property and function. Its density is high and it is nonwater absorbent. It will not mould and meets the food grade contact material and is safe and hygienic.
  • Appearance and function of the product are designed to comply with ergonomics principles and have undergone scientific research and development.
  • The raw material of the product is pure natural extract of China’s north east organic rice husk, maintaining its primary colour without adding any artificial colour.
  • The glossy surface of the product is the result of polishing by the natural precipitated rice bran oil during the hot-pressing process. The rice husk retains its primary colour without adding any artificial colour.
  • The product is not easily broken at 1.5 meters free drop, the broken edges are not sharp, it will not hurt user and safety is high.
  • Product's temperature conduction is slow, physical temperature barrier is good, heat dissipation is slow and thermal insulation is good.
  • The product does not stain with oil easily, made cleaning simple by using warm water, air dry and it physically possesses antibacterial property and function.
  • Natural material waste will not cause environmental pollution.
  • Currently, with multi plant fibre material technology, fibre products from materials such as corn, coffee, tea, straw, nut, shell, etc. have been developed.
2. What tests have OGT products passed?
  • National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Agency Test for national standard
  • USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard inspection test
  • Germicidal detection in Germany
  • EU standard product test
  • EU BPA (bisphenol A) detection
  • EU REACH 168 hazardous chemical substances detection
  • EU ROHS heavy metal substance detection
  • Japan Food Safety Law experimental test
3. What is the products shelf life?

The product can be used for a long time provided it is used in the correct manner. The gloss of the product is of natural rice bran oil, which will naturally fade with the frequent usage of the product, but it does not affect the use of the product. 

4. Is this type of product solid and resistant to drop?
The north east organic rice husk is used as raw material for the product of which the silica content of the rice husk is higher than other producing areas. This is due to the unique characteristics of the north east black soil, thereby warranting the hardness of the rice husk and the product. However, the harder the product, its toughness will relatively be lower. OGT product is plant fibre product, though the product is not brittle in the event of free drop, it does not warrant non- breakage. 

5. Why is safety the greatest feature of OGT product?
  1. Raw material of product is safe – North east organic rice cultivation guarantees raw material safety.
  2. Production of product is safe – Product has no added chemical substances that are harmful to human body, such as heavy metal, plasticizer, bisphenol A, dyeing agent and fluorescent agent, etc.
  3. Product is safe to be used – It has antibacterial property. It is easy to clean and is not easily stained with detergent residual. It is not fragile; the broken edges are not sharp and will not hurt user.
6. Can coloured product be made?  Why is product colour so dull?
In the craft work of OGT product, food grade colour toner can be added to make coloured product, such as pink, blue, etc. However, unless the customer requests in principle, and provides the colour toner, we do not directly produce coloured product, but retain the rice husk primary colour. We do not add dyeing agent when toning, therefore the product with the rice husk primary colour will have slight colour difference.  Hence, we do not responsible for any colour issues during product inspection. 

7. How can rice husk product be antibacterial and is easy to clean?
Rice husk warrants the rice will not corrode even in humid environment, and in itself there has certain antibacterial and anti-corrosion effects. The rice bran oil on the surface is edible oil, so even if it is used to hold oily food, the surface is incompatible and not easily stained with oil. For daily use, it just needs to be washed clean and air dry. 
Instructions on Usage

1. What need to be noted when using the product?
  1. Most OGT products have glossy surface which is a natural gloss precipitated during the production process. It is recommended to avoid high temperature steaming and over boiling when using the product. Frequent use in high temperature steaming and cooking will cause the glossy surface of the product to fade. 
  2. It is normal to find the product texture becoming rough after normal use for a long period. It can be used as usual after wiping with a dish towel, without affecting its effect.
  3. Due to natural fibre material has a degree of absorbent, it is therefore necessary to wash it immediately after use to avoid it absorbing the food colour after having kept with food for a long time.
2. Can the product be used in microwave oven, dishwasher and disinfector?

The product can be used in low temperature range of the microwave oven for 1-3 minutes, small household dishwasher and disinfector.
  1. Due to the different electrical power of the electrical products in the market, and from the viewpoint of health, the use of microwave oven is no longer advocated. Therefore, although the product can be used in microwave oven, OGT has always advocated green and healthy lifestyle. It does not recommend the use of microwave oven.
  2. Warm water spray washing of the small household dishwasher can be used. Long term washing at high boiling temperature can destroy the rice bran oil layer and roughen the surface of the product.
  3. UV disinfection method of the disinfector can be used but not the high temperature disinfection exceeding 120 degrees.
  4. For large size dishwasher and disinfector, steam wash and disinfection method at high temperature above boiling point will roughen the surface of the product.
  5. The rough surface of the product is not considered as damaged and It can still be used as usual.
3. Can the product continue to be used even after the gloss faded?
The product can be used for a long time provided it is properly used and cleaned. The gloss is the natural rice bran oil which will gradually fade if the product is used frequently for a period. Even if it is accidentally used to steam and cook at high temperature, and the surface becomes rough, it is not considered as damaged. The rough surface is just exposure of the natural plant fibre and it can still be used safely. The surface of the product has two different styles, glossy and matte. Product with matte surface will not have significant gloss changes.

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